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Notebooks and Utilities for Tutorials

All the notebooks are located in the folder dl/notebooks. To run these notebooks, we need to set up our Python environment first. We use poetry to manage our Python environment. For the argument of this choice, please refer to Engineering Tips.

Install Requirements and Create Jupyter Kernel

First of all, we need to install all the requirements,

poetry install

or install certain groups using

poetry install --with notebook,visualization,torch,darts

To create a Jupyter kernel for the notebooks, run

poetry run ipython kernel install --user --name=deep-learning

and a Jupyter kernel named deep-learning will be created.


We have a few utilities that we use in our tutorials. Most of them are located in the package ts_dl_utils located in the folder dl/notebooks/ts_dl_utils.

In principle, the notebooks we provided should work without installing this package. The package is also installed in the environment if you run poetry install just in case one uses the kernel deep-learning created above to run some personal notebooks located in other folders.

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